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American Nanotex A Revolution In The Supplement Industry American Nanotex 20 years research on plant based nano technology American Nanotex Headed By Dr. B.S. Amarnath & His R&D Team

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American NanoTex

Our center has been present for over 20 years in the Research

American Nanotex is reviving ancient primary medicine more effective than ever with unique Nano Technology. Our goal is to ensure the effectiveness of our ingredients by keeping the vitamin molecules and active ingredients. As we highly value the health and wellness of our community and citizens, we endeavor to use our products to keep lives healthy and happy.

Why American Nanotex?

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Our Story

Having a new era is just the beginning.

Our team of expert scientists and medical doctors are involved in the research for decades. A highly equipped manufacturing plant and a group of hard working and devoted people makes American Nanotex highly capable of delivering the need within the time and meet the need of everyone.
American Nanotex have developed a formula using plant based Nano Technology which can boost the immune system of the human body. Our company is producing this product in an effort to assist our community and citizens.

American Nanotex immune Booster

  • It is a unique plant-based preparation that is known to enhance the immune power of human body.
  • The act of consuming IMMUNE BOOSTER is considered as one of the essential regimens described for improving overall health of men and women.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTER is rich in potent anti-oxidants, it is an excellent immune builder, it also relieves stress and helps boost your stamina, while preventing you from illness, cough and cold. The special unique blend of the botanicals and herbs play a vital role in overall well-being and improves your metabolism.

How Does It Work?

A unique plant-based preparation creates a synergy inside human body and enhances immunity. In the process it strengthens the T-Cells and Thymus gland which produces antibody and white blood cells. This supplement improves metabolism, nerve function and increases peripheral utilization of glucose. It also helps balancing testosterone and estrogen level, lowers blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, and boosts stamina.

How The Product Works & How It Helps?

  • Creates a Synergy inside our body and enhance immunity
  • Strengthens the T-cell and Thymus gland which produces antibodies and white blood cells.
  • Glycine Creates Protein: losing small and test with COVID-19 is due to decreasing glycine.
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Balance Testosterone & Estrogen Levels
  • Increase Peripheral Utilization Glucose
  • Improve Nerve Function
  • Aid Healing
  • Lowering Blood Sugar
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Assist Immune Builders
  • Boost Stamina
  • Fighting Viral Function


We can bring the change using this formula, which is completely Natural Lead, Mercury, & Heavy Metal Free, Bacteria-free, Fungus-free & Gluten-free, Safe Prophylactic, Plant Based Natural Ingredients, Nano technology used to concentrate molecules, Made in USA (DENVER, COLORADO)

Our revolutionary product is AMERICAN NANOTEX IMMUNE BOOSTER which will help boost immunity and ensure strong metabolism. The supplement is curated using plant based nano technology. Some of the ingredients are mentioned below.